School Gates Project / Opportunities Events

Often the reason we don’t take up opportunities for training or take part in activities is because we don’t know that many of these things are taking place on our doorstep. The Opportunities Events are a chance for parents and carers to meet with local providers to find out what is happening, what support is available and how to get involved in a friendly and familiar environment.

We have held two opportunities events at St John’s Primary School in November with the support of Susan Lishman, Parent Support Advisor, and at Bridgewater Primary School in February with the support of Head Teacher Sam Robson.  We invited a number of training providers, support agencies and local community groups to come along and meet parents dropping their children at school.  Organisations have included Newacstle City Learning, Open University, Newcastle College, SureStart, Job Centre Plus, Newcastle Futures, Riverside Community Health Project and Scotswood Natural Community Garden.

We are planning to hold more Opportunities Events around Benwell and Scotswood and Elswick over the course of the year. If you would like us to organise one for your school, church or community venue, please contact us.

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